About Us

About Isculpt

iSculpt aims to provide infinite solutions for hair, skin, and body under the guidance of Aesthetic Clinicians and Surgeons who are well trained in cosmetic procedures.
From correcting irregularities to nourishing, enhancing, body shaping and anti-aging, iSculpt has healthcare solutions for all the care your hair, skin, and body ever needed.
iSculpt is equipped with a complete panel of FDA approved lasers and light systems along with a wide array of treatment options to choose from, ranging from non-invasive to invasive.
Healthy skin is our thing, let us take control and watch as you become!

Why Us ?

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Experienced and dedicated team of doctors


Perform cosmetic surgeries which reshape and rejuvenate the bodies.


Shift Aim to turn the old, tired into new and fresh.


Patients feel comfortable and relaxed without any hassle.