Best Treatment For Man Boobs

Best Treatment For Man Boobs in DwarkaThe condition in which the male breast tissue enlarges in known as gynecomastia. It is an endocrine disorder which is the result of hormonal imbalance in the body. The fluctuation of hormones leads to the swelling of male breasts. Estrogens released in the body are more than the androgens in the males which leads to increase in the size of the breast. Though it is non-cancerous, one must get it checked if one feels pain, discomfort and milky discharge from the nipples. The best treatment for man boobs is given by Dr. Ashish Bhanot who reduces the size of breasts of the males by doing a cosmetic surgery.

People go for breast reduction to do away with discomfort and embarrassment that comes along with. Some men lose their confidence due to their enlarged breasts, so they go for the treatment. Dr. Bhanot comes to the rescue of all such men who want to undergo the treatment for gynecomastia.

Best treatment for man boobs by Dr. Ashish Bhanot

The symptoms shown by the men who have gynecomastia are dimpling of skin, increase in the size of breasts, milky discharge from nipples, etc. The condition in which people’s breasts size enlarges is linked to obesity, hyperthyroidism, low levels of testosterone, etc.

Surgery for gynecomastia is considered to be the best treatment for man boobs when the natural remedies fail and medications do not show any positive result or impact.

Mastectomy, laser-lipolysis, laser-assisted liposuction, etc are some of the surgeries which are done to treat enlarged breasts. Also, people are asked to stay away from alcohol and drugs. Liposuction and mastectomy are the two common surgeries done for male breast reduction. Breast fat is removed with lipo surgery, and breast gland tissue is removed by mastectomy. Small incisions are done in mastectomy as it is done with the help of an endoscope, quite often.  It is important for men to rest after breast reduction. One can include exercise and workout in one’s lifestyle two weeks after the surgery.

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