Fat Injection Treatment 

Fat Injection Treatment 

Fat injection is a natural and safe treatment which is very famous among people. The fat is transferred from the areas which have fat in excess amount to the areas that require enhancement and volume. Fat injection treatment is one of the treatments that can yield results and there are almost no risks.

The areas which require enhancement are injected with an injected in the fat injection cosmetic surgery. Swelling is the obvious result after the surgery which is quite normal. The fat from the areas with excess fat is transferred to the area which requires fat. It is done with the help of needles and transfer procedure.

What is fat injection treatment? How is it done?

In order to fill creases and perfectly contour the face and enhance fullness of face, fat injection treatment is done. Fat injection treatment is a natural treatment which lasts long and does not cause any kind of adverse allergic reaction at all. The duration of the results of the procedure is long and the results last for many years.

Fat from one part of the body is transferred to another part by the injection. Those areas are injected which have lost volume and do not have fullness. In order to add fat to those places, fat grafting or fat injection is used. A gentle liposuction in done in this procedure to inject the fat to other parts of the body where fat is required. Cheeks are enhanced, hips are voluminized, the size and shape of the breasts is improved, etc are done with the help of this procedure.

Initially, harvesting is done in this procedure. The surgeon makes a cut in the area with excess fat. The fat is transferred into the syringes and then the area which requires augmentation is injected by needle. The needle is moved in and out several times.
Swelling and bruising post surgery are the natural outcomes. It takes about a week for bruises to go away, however, swelling takes longer to vanish.