Breast Lift Surgery

breast lift surgery cost Gone are the days when women used to be coy about their bodies. Now women have become aware and celebrate their bodies. They want to look good and put up an impressive appearance. The size of the breasts is enlarged in the breast lift surgery. It is a cosmetic surgery the breasts are elevated as the size of the breasts is changed. This surgery is also known as mastopexy. The breasts are raised and the contoured bust of the woman is re-formed. In other words, it is the correction of breasts. The tissues around the breast are tightened in the procedure and extra skin and tissues are removed. Mastopexy is done to resize the bust of a woman, the reduced size of breasts of women due to postpartum, in particular. Get your breasts lifted at AUM Clinics soon. The information on the breast lift surgery cost in Dwarka can be obtained from the doctor and clinic itself. However, it is quite cost-effective and affordable.

Want to know the breast lift surgery cost?

The surgery is done under a general anesthesia. The tissue is lifted and re-shaped after the incision done by surgeon either down the areola, around the areola or down from the crease of breast. The tissues in excess are removed and the area surrounding the nipple is tightened. The incisions are closed which results in the tightening of the skin. The area is stitched with sutures to hold the new structure of breasts. In order to recover quickly and lessen the swelling, women are recommended to wear a support bra. Dr. Ashish Bhanot performs the cosmetic surgery by which women can have their breasts lifted. The appearance of the breasts transforms completely and it makes for a good and striking appearance which women want. The surgery is done at AUM Clinics by him for around 1 to 2 lakhs. The “breast lift surgery cost in Dwarka” varies from hospital to hospital but the surgery is done in the same region of amount.

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