How to get rid of man boobs?

How to get rid of man boobs?

How to get rid of man boobs?

There imbalance of hormones in the body leads to various signs and effects on body that are visible. Testosterone and estrogen imbalance in the body causes several changes in both male and female bodies. The male hormone testosterone is released in women too, similarly the female hormone estrogen is released in men too. However, when there are fluctuations of hormones in a male body, it results in gynecomastia (enlargement of boobs). There remains a question as to how to get rid of man boobs. No one likes to the appearance of their boobs.

The male too have breast glands like females but they are small and undeveloped. In women, the case is opposite. The breast tissue becomes bigger when there are natural changes in estrogen and testosterone. The condition which some men suffer from is known as gynecomastia. It is a non-cancerous condition which can fade on its own, else treatment is required.

How to get rid of man boobs with the help of non-surgical treatment?

It can affect boys and males at any age, although during puberty and old age, this hits people the most due to change in hormones. In infants, it goes on its own after two-three weeks. Whereas in adults, the swollen breast tissue disappears on its own after some months or few years. The condition calls for treatment when men start feeling pain and discomfort. Some people cannot so much wear clothes as per their desire. This becomes a major hindrance in their lives. Also, they stop visiting relatives and friends for the fear of being ridiculed and mocked. The rejection and mockery from the society makes them feel low about themselves.

Dr. Ashish Bhanot and his team of doctors help patients get rid of their condition by non-surgical treatments. The symptoms are checked by the doctors to provide the appropriate treatment. Some of the signs shown by the patients are discharge of milk from the nipples, pain in boobs, swelling along with discomfort, breast tenderness, nipple retraction, etc. Several creams, medications and pills are recommended by the doctor which show effective results.

How to get rid of man boobs?”- Let this question not perturb you anymore. Head to iSculpt and get the gynecomastia treated with non-invasive treatments. Surgical treatment is also done when necessary at the clinic, but the conditions are treated with cosmetic procedures, first up.

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