Laser Mole Removal in Dwarka – Relish the Beauty

Laser Mole Removal in Dwarka – Relish the Beauty

Laser Mole Removal in Dwarka – Relish the Beauty

If you see dark and irregular spots over the surface of your skin, then you are right those are moles. Now you might take it into self-conscious and thinking about your beauty. Majority of the people do suffer due to this annoying look and consider it a nightmarish. These moles can be in a flat state or can also show as raised. Moreover, there are birthmarks, certain non-cancerous growths called haemangioma and a harmless skin growth which is popular as keratosis can be seen in lots of people. Lots of People are looking forward to “Laser Mole Removal in Dwarka. Reach to our cult, Skin Clinic which would provide you with the ultimate solution to rejuvenate your skin.

Laser mole removal in Dwarka – a brief that describes the treatment

A mole which is also known as melanocytic nevus in scientific terms contains masses of melanocytes which is, in reality, the pigment-producing cells of the skin. All would appear as clusters of pigmented cells which would differ in size, shapes, and colors. They can either be black or brown. Majority of these moles are harmless, however, there are certain cases that they can transform to precancerous. This might lead to surgical removal. Surgeries would involve excision that can be either with stitches or with cauterization. However, the problem is they would very often leave out scars on the surface.
Our Clinic has got the facility of both the ways; however, using a blade would not be an ideal option who wants to look young and beautiful. The ultimate alternative i.e. the method with laser technology would help more to uplift beauty.

The procedure of the treatment

It won’t take a pain to remove those unwanted moles. They would be primarily diagnosed and then undergo with the elimination process.
Initially, it can be done with a scalpel, if in case the blotches are superficial. Mounds which are non – cancerous can be frozen off by applying nitrogen liquid. However, it might cause an irritation or can leave a small blister over the surface respectively.
Dr. Ashish Bhanot and his team use intense bursts of light radiation to demolish this pigment clot. It is useful to treat multiple moles at a time. The entire process might require two or three treatment to get the ultimate result.

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